Step 1 : Get affiliate links

1.1 Direct affiliation

The first step is to choose brokers that you want to advertise. Here are a few important things you should to look into before making a decision :

CPA : The Commission Per Action is of course one of the most important thing for affiliates. This represents how much money you will get each time someone subscribe and deposit through your affiliate links. The higher, the better, but this is not the only thing to take into consideration. An honest broker with a $300 CPA will be far better than a dishonest broker with a $400 CPA !

Accept US citizens : There is no point in spending money on ads in the US if the broker you advertise for do not take US Traders. Geo-target your audience accordingly.

Regulated : The regulation is a strong selling point for European traders. Don’t look for a broker both regulated and accepting US citizens, there is just none yet.

My experience with them : I’ve been working with all the companies below for more than a year and tell you honestly what I think about them.


CPA US Regulated

Our experience

aff-24Option $350 No CySec My best choice so far! As the biggest broker worldwide, they convert like crazy and have offices in many countries, meaning that upon subscription, you’ll get an affiliate manager from your country. They are regulated by CySec which makes them highly secured, and payments are always on time. They use the famous TechFinancials platform and they would just be perfect if they were accepting US traders.
aff-stockpair $300 Yes No My best choice for US targeting! Their trading platform is proprietary and very original as it offers fixed time length options (5/10/15min etc…). Returns are a bit lower on average (75%) but traders usually compensate with the easier to trade fixed length options.
aff-goptions $250 Yes No Goptions is another great choice for US targeting. They recently updated to the SpotOption platform V2, which is way more stable than the previous version.
aff-markets $250 No CySec Second close choice to 24Option for targeting outside of the US. CPA is slightly lower but their support is awesome and very honest. Their platform is based on SpotOption and is layered up with additional SSL encryptions. They clearly have the best security over the funds they manage. It’s also one of the broker I heard “the least complains” about from traders, and that’s a good thing.
aff-rushbucks $250 Yes No Rushbucks manages TradeRush and RedWood Options, two big brokers in the US. I never earned more than a few thousands with them so I cannot really express my opinion yet.
aff-bdb $300 No CySec Banc De Binary is one of the oldest and most famous Binary Options broker. They are great but they lost their edge over time. Now they are just a SpotOption broker like any other. It seems they are also currently in trouble with the CFTC…
TraderXPX $300 Yes No When typing “TraderXP” on Facebook, the first result is “TraderXP Scam” with 26,000 likes! This is typically the kind of bad PR you want to avoid. An affiliation with this broker could damage your brand.

Tips 1
Once you created your affiliate account, an affiliate manager will contact you. Don’t hesitate to negotiate your CPA up. Presented above are the highest I was personally able to get but you could probably negotiate even higher CPA!
Tips 2
Don’t hesitate to ask your affiliate manager to provide you with a demo account on their trading platform. You’ll be able to validate a few trades and test the platform to later be able to provide your traffic with better technical advises about it. Like many people, you can take videos or screenshots of your trades to better promote your affiliate links.

1.2 Affiliation resellers

Notice that there exists binary affiliate platforms that regroup multiple brokers. They are kind of “affiliate resellers”. for example offers affiliate links for 24Option, OptionFair, BancDeBinary and many more. This is great when you want to advertise multiple brokers and have your conversion results on one platform only. Payments are also simplified this way. However, as with any reseller, these companies take a piece of the cake on the way and offer lower CPA than with direct affiliation. You basically sacrifice a few profits for simplicity, which to my opinion is the best way to start.

Broker CPA Brokers offered Our experience
VIPAffiliates $200-300 OptionFair, BeeOptions, Cedar, GlobalTrader, BancdeSwiss, TradeRush, GOptions, AnyOption, 24Option, BancDeBinary, CitiTrader is a great choice to begin earning CPA. They offer multiple great brokers which make it easy to centralise your affiliate links and payments on one platform. CPAs are a bit lower than direct affiliation but the ease of use make it worth it.
BOA $200-300 BBinary, BDSwiss, DragonOptions, EmpireOption, OneTwoTrade, OptionMint, SmartOptions, SpotFn, TradeQuicker, TraderXp, UnitedOptions, VaultOption, WinOptions. has the biggest choice of brokers available for referral. Some of them are great but most are little brokers you probably never heard of. Promoting unknown brands could be risky. However BOAelite belongs to SpotOption, the company that create the trading platform, which give it some credentials!
BinaryOffers $275-350 24Option, 99Binary, BancDeBinary, BDSwiss, BeeOptions, Cedar, CitiTrader, GlobalTrader, RegalOptions, TraderXP also seem to offer a fair choice of good brokers. However I’ve never work with them so I don’t know what they are worth. Let me know on the forums.
BinaryUnitedX $275-350 RegalOptions, CedarFinance I’ve worked with this affiliate platform for over a year and I might be mistaken but it seems they do “affiliate shaving”! This term means that they cheat on your conversion results. At some point I had 7 people that deposited for sure with my affiliate links. They sent me the email confirming their deposit. However on the affiliate platform, I only had 3 CPAs! My affiliate manager gave me some obscure reasons as they have no cookie tracking! They might be honest but in this case, their affiliate system sucks. Affiliate shaving is a big issue as it is very hard to spot, and makes all your efforts useless.

Step 2 : Advertise your affiliate links

2.1 Without a website

Building a website is the most common way affiliates launch themselves into the affiliate marketing world, and if you’re interested in creating a long-term business you’ll inevitably need to put together a website.
However, if you’re still learning about web design or you’re simply not interested in building a website, there are other ways to get your affiliate links out there, so we going to show you 5 ways to advertise your links without a website.

Remember: the key with affiliate marketing is get your affiliate link in front of an interested audience – how you choose to do
that is completely up to you! With that in mind, here are a few methods you could try:

2.1.1 Promote affiliate products directly through pay-per-click advertisements

This is the easiest way to start. This method involves creating pay-per-click campaigns through search engines like Google and Facebook, and promoting the merchant website directly through your affiliate link.

Step 2

So instead of using PPC to promote your own website, you send them straight to the merchant. There are a number of downsides to this method. First, with Google’s AdWords in particular, there will only be one paid listing for a particular website displayed at any given time. This means that instead of competing against other advertisers for one of eight spots on the page, you’re competing for just one spot. If you bid a large amount and write an attractive ad then you might see your ad displayed, otherwise you can forget it.

Secondly, you have no control over the quality of the merchant page. Increasingly the search engines are looking at the page you’re promoting and deciding whether this offers a good experience for their users. If the merchant site has little content, or poor quality content, you could end up paying a much higher amount for your advertisements. The efficiency of this method really depend on your placement and targeted audience.

2.1.2 Make Youtube videos

If you opt for popup advertising the best content is to show a video of your trades so people can easily grab the concept of binary options. However you could also build a popular youtube channel on trading strategies for instance and provide affiliate links in the descriptions.

Step 2

2.1.3 Post on blogs and forums

This is a really simple way of getting a taste for affiliate marketing – all you have to do is find a product you’d like to promote, then start posting on blogs and forums with your affiliate link in your signature. Here’s an example from our very own forum: you can see that both of these members have an affiliate link in their signatures. They’re both pretty active and respected members of the forum.

Step 2

Of course you should only post on blogs and forums where people would be interested in the product – you’re not going to get many bites for a dog training affiliate product when you’re posting on a classic car enthusiast forum. Similarly, you’ll find that you have a lot more success if you’re making useful and interesting posts and if you become a regular on the site; the two members above, for example, are active and respected members of our forum. Once you have established yourself people will begin to respect your opinion and will be more inclined to click on your link. If you simply spam a blog or forum with useless posts you’re likely to be banned and your posts deleted.

2.1.4 Write a viral eBook or some other “viral” product

A “viral” product is one that is designed to spread (often quickly) to a great many people – this can be a great way of getting your affiliate links out there without ever having to create a website. You can produce a short 30-page eBook or a “special report” on a particular subject, insert links to affiliate products into it, then distribute your book through whatever means you like – you could tell people that they’re welcome to give it away, sell it or put it on their websites. You can kick it off yourself by selling the eBook on eBay for a small amount.

Step 2

If your book is informative and useful, rather than simply laden with affiliate ads, you might find that it spreads quite well.

2.1.5 Write ads or reviews for classifieds websites

You’re probably already familiar with using sites like Craigslist to look for old furniture or car parts, but you can also use classifieds sites to promote affiliate products. Consider writing ads or reviews for affiliate products and posting them with your affiliate link.

Step 2

Some sites you might want to try are:

usfreads epage craiglist

2.1.6 Build a Squidoo lens

Building a Squidoo “lens” is a great way of getting started as an affiliate without needing to build your own website from scratch. A “lens” is like a 1-page mini website where you can talk about a subject you’re passionate about (eg, your affiliate market and associated products!). It’s hosted on the Squidoo site, and you don’t need to know anything about web design to make it look fairly professional.

Step 2

A Squidoo lens allows you to build a page on a topic, insert ads, reviews and other content as you please, all without having to write any HTML. The best part, though, is that Squidoo is also part social-networking site, so simply by being on Squidoo you will begin to attract traffic interested in your topic and looking for recommendations. Squidoo is especially easy to monetize, and Squidoo lenses have tended in the past to do pretty well in the search engines.

To sign up and start creating your lens, visit

2.2 With a website

2.2.1 Build a website

You’ll first need a domain name and a server. If you want to start low, GoDaddy and HostGator offer cheap shared VPS hosting. However if you plan on getting big fast, you should opt for a dedicated server with InMotion Hosting like I do.

Examples Type Our experience
gd Shared VPS for $5/m Good hosting services to start with.
imh Dedicated Server for $139/m The website you are reading this on is hosted by Inmotion Hosting. I have the “advanced dedicated server” plan and never had any load issue with it. I particularly like that they have a 24/7 technical chat for solving small issues very fast.
wp FREE Content Management is based on WordPress. It’s the most famous content management system. It’s very easy to mange and use. Moreover, it’s completely free.

2.2.2 Make it informative

Broker comparison is obviously the best way to put your affiliate links out there, but don’t forget that you can also compare signals providers, autotrading services, strategies, and anythings people could be interested in. You want to generate traffic on your site so don’t simply put your affiliate links alone with nothing of interested around, you won’t get any traffic that way. Here are a few examples of successful website :

Examples Type Our experience
bod News blog A lot of people go on this blog for the news in binary options and free strategies they offer. On the other side, they promote multiple affiliate brokers and signal providers, likely making them a lot of money. The forum is also very active, a nice place to start advertising your links ;)
FTJ Trading lessons This is a big youtube channel from a young student explaining how to trade. The relevance of his “lessons” are questionable but this does the trick, each video contains his affiliate links and with 10k followers, I’m sure a few deposit every day.
bo Brokers comparison Simple blog comparing brokers, strategies and signals. If you want your blog to be successful, you need to really test the things you’re talking about. When comparing signal providers, you need to actually register with them and publish the results you obtain. It’s important that you give your honest opinion. If a broker or service sucks, say it!

2.2.3 Offer free signals

If you are actually good at trading binary options on your own, you could easily create a signal providing service via Skype and offer free months to anyone that deposit with a broker using your affiliate links. Here are a few successful providers that does offer free months of their service :

Examples Type Our experience
boat AutoTrading Completely autonomous binary options trading system. They send signals that will be auto-traded on your binary option accounts using the Chrome extension. Along with the paid subscription, you can get free months by depositing with the affiliated brokers.
signalpush AutoTrading Same as BinaryAutoTrader but with multiple providers available. Some seem great and some seem absolutely awful.
probinarysignals Skype signals Just a signal providers like any other. They display their performances as simple html tables. This is not great for transparency and nobody will believe it. If you offer signals, you need to take screenshots of your results every day or show any real proof of your results.
bob Skype signals This provider does no even have a paid subscription. They only work based on free signals offered for clients depositing with their affiliate links. For the result, they show a simple html table, so when I tried them, I was not surprised that my results were much lower than what they advertise…
trailerFGv2 Metatrader indicator The key to success is to offer something new. The BOSS indicator is the first Metatrader indicator that compute the statistical probability of the next candle being bearish or bullish. It’s free for people that register with their affiliate links.

Step 3 : Discuss Ideas

Finally, it’s important to talk with others about their best methods to get CPA. I invite you to join an affiliate forum and learn all you can. We’ll soon open a dedicated forum on earncpa, please subscribe to our newsletters to be the first to know.

You are now ready to start earning CPA money. I wish you the best of luck :)

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